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Oldage home


Ageing is a natural process. Every individual has to undergo this inevitable physical and psychological change      and  it is not an adversity, though advresities are part of life. Till recently the needs of old parents were looked after by their children as long as the concept of joint family system thrived. However, due to changes in modern living, concepts, aspirations of youngsters, the joint family system collapsed. Youngsters are yearning for greener pastures at home and abroad . High cost of living and squeezing living conditions in the cities resulted in the aged being considered a burden by the younger generation. Psychological adjustments in both elders and youngsters are widening due to living styles of past and present.


In this changed atosphere elders have to be looked fter and kept happy in their remaining span of life. Parents left out by thir wards in their ripe old age wish to spend their life with dignity with their savings or pension they earn. Since he conditions of their children is becoming minimal due to various reasons, the role of old age homes becomes relevant. There cannot be any stigma attached for keeping parents in old age homes and no ego should exist. The ultimate aim is to provide a safe and acceptable living style to elders. This can be met with a variety of old age homes up in many cities and metros.


At a juncture when joint family system is slowly fading away and aged being considered burden by the younger    generation, Sri Vaddepally Narsing Rao of Kukatpally purchased 3 acres of land worth Rs 25 Lakhs at Bowarmpet  village in R.R. district and donated it to the association to construct a home for the senior citizens. Hence it was named as VNR senior citizens home. Initially the project was to be completed mainly with support from the community members in India and abroad but not much help was received. Sri Vaddepalli Narsing Rao has further contributed substantial amount and also mobilized major part of donations for the construction from the community and outside as well. 


You don't have to be alone:

VNR senior citizens home is a paid home run on a no-profit, no-loss basis and established to offer independent living for elder people who want to live in community with others of the same age and similar interests. It also provides home like atmosphere for seniors who wants or needs the security of having care or assistance when they need it and facilities the residents to stay active, to maintain relations with family and to remain engaged in community life.



To provide quality accommodation and facilities to elderly people regardless of age, gender, caste, creed, religion, racial or ethnic background, disability or other status and value them independently of their economic consideration.



VNR Senior Citizens Home is located on the outskirts of Hyderabad adjacent to Bowarampet village. in the midst of social forestry 25 kms from Secunderabad Railway station. It is an ideal place or senior citizens to spend later part of life in a serene atmosphere and enjoy independence without worrying bout safety or maintenance while benefiting from variety of services. It consists of 5 cluster cottages with 4 independent rooms in each cluster. One three storied main building with 20 rooms for 40 inmates and another 10 rooms in the ground floor for Office, Conference hall, rooms for nursing and administrative staff. There are separate buildings for kitchen, dining, meditation center, etc.



VNR Senior Citizens Home provides excellent facilities such as food, shelter, health care, companionship, recreation and moral support to senior citizens mainly from middle class and rich class apart from taking care of poor senior citizens. 


Some of the facilities include:


24 hour security, Independent cottages, Independent rooms, twin shared cottages and rooms, Attached bath rooms, Complete house keeping every day, Breakfast, Two balanced meals and snacks, Special diet, Tray service in case of illness, Guest service nd meals, Medical attendance and medication help, Hair dressing service, Laundry service, Telephones, Computers, Library, Conference room, Yoga, Meditation, Escort service to medical appointments etc.



Daily activities on individual and group basis a demanded by residents include but not limited to:

  • Physical Activities       - Exercise, Yoga, Gardening
  • Recreational Activities - Games, Puzzles
  • Social Activities          - Lectures, Festival Celebrations, Birthday and Marriage day celebrations
  • Entertainment            - Cable TV, Movies, Music

Establishment Charges:

All the charges are based on current (September 2010) expenses in rupees for double sharing per month per person. 

                                          Cottage          Room

      Cottage/Room Rent           1000              300

      Establishment                    500              500

      Food                              1,500             1,500

      Total                                    3,000               2,300


Pictures taken during last Senior Citizens day celebrations

Oldage home

Oldage home

Oldage home

Oldage home

Oldage home

Oldage home

Oldage home

Oldage home



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